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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Moody's Going Away Party

With great saddest this weekend we went to the Moody's going away party, as they are moving in a few weeks.  For those who don't know, we met Jen and Hank through JB.  When most of our friends started moving out of San Diego we made our way into JB's circle of friends, which included Jen and Hank.  They are such a wonderful couple and we always have a great time with them when we all get together.  The best part is that they have a little boy, Harrison, who is only a few months older than Skylar.  Being first time parents together was a plus to our friendship.  It was nice being able to relate to them in a different way and experience parenthood together.  Harrison and Skylar have been best buddies most of their short life.  I know that Skylar has learned a lot from Harrison because as he started to learn new skills, (i.e. crawling, holding a bottle, walking), Skylar would pick up the same skills fairly quick.  When we found out Jen got a job promotion and they would be moving to Denver I was so sad for us as we were losing dear friends, but especially for Skylar to be losing her first little buddy.

Evie and Brandon hosted the farewell bash.  Everyone brought a side dish and pictures as Evie had a great idea to put together a scrapbook for the Moody's of all their friends here in San Diego.  There probably isn't a more uncrafty person than myself so I had to put Jake in charge of putting together our page.  He did a great job making a super cute page from Skylar to Harrison.

Harrison and Skylar definitely were a handful most of the night as they just wanted to cruise around the backyard the whole time.  Knowing the party was for him as well, Harrison was having so much fun when it was nap time he refused to go down and I think he was up way past his bedtime.

I know we will see Jen, Hank, and Harrison again and it's not good-bye forever, it's just that many people have been apart of our life, but I feel that true friends leave footprints that can't be erased and I feel the Moody's are those kind of friends.  I wish we would of hung out with them more during the past year, but the times we did spend together are very memorable.  We wish them all the luck on their next chapter and look forward to frequent visits back to San Diego.