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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wild Animal Park with Unc and Auntie

Matthew and Erin were so sweet to come down and spend the whole day with Skylar, and what a day they all had.  First stop was the Wild Animal Park, which was Skylar's first time visiting.  The trip started off a bit rough for Skylar since she got pooped on by a bird right when they got there.  Luckily she had her hat on which saved her.  Erin and Matthew said that even after getting pooped on, Skylar still loved watching all the birds and they said it was her favorite part of the park. 

The petting zoo wasn't as big of a hit as I would of thought it would of been, especially since she loves petting dogs.

She did enjoy all the ducks. 

Skylar had such a great time at the park with her Uncle and Aunt.

After the park they took her out to Uncle Matthew's favorite spot Fidels where Skylar dined on quesadillas and chicken.  Before heading home they made a quick stop at the Carlsbad outlets where they picked up Skylar some cute new summer clothes.  Skylar was having such a great time with her Uncle and Aunt that when it was bed time she didn't want to go to bed and was up crying for 15 minutes before she fell asleep.  I was so happy to see she had so much fun with them and was on her best behavior the whole day.  I hope Skylar gets to spend more days like this with her Uncle and Aunt.

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