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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bravest Girl I Know

Well I wasn't too sure if I was going to blog about this or not, but I want Skylar to be able to read this when she is older so she can know how amazingly brave she is.

Last Friday night turned out to be the worst night in both mine and Jake's life.  It was a typical Friday night.  Jake had just gotten home and we had started to make dinner.  Skylar was watching Sesame Street as she normally does when we make dinner because it keeps her out of the kitchen and we can get everything done.  We just started boiling the pot for some pasta, when our beloved little girl crept into the kitchen.  Within a split second Jake and I were both screaming "NO" when Skylar reach up and spilled the hot water on herself.  Jake got to her so fast and was able to prevent the entire pot from spilling on her, thank god!  She of course started crying and we immediately not really knowing what to do we put cold aloe on her face and wanted to make sure her eye sight was still intact.  Thankfully Elmo was on TV and once we got her to stop crying she was watching Elmo as if nothing had happened, so Jake and I took that as a good sign that her eye sight was good.

We jumped into the car and headed straight to the ER.  Skylar wasn't crying and didn't seem to be in any pain.  I was crying more than she was.  The ER wasn't busy at all and they got us right in to see the doctor.  The doctor checked her eyes and told us just how lucky she was that there was no damage to them.  They said her burns were all very minor and only 1st and 2nd degree and shouldn't have any scarring.  As a precaution they had us take an ambulance to the Burn Unit in Hillcrest because of her age and the location of the burns.  While waiting for the ambulance to transfer us, Skylar was in a great mood.  Running all over the hospital, playing with the door, and eating the yummy vending machine food.  It was so nice seeing that she didn't seem to be in any pain.

After waiting for about 30 minutes the ambulance showed up.  I was hoping she would take a little nap on the long ride from North County to Downtown since it was getting late and past her bedtime, but nope!  She was up and just enjoying the ride. 

Once we arrived at the Burn Unit all the nurses were so sweet and seemed to be relieved that Skylar injures were so minor and they would be able send her home that night.  While waiting for the doctor Skylar was still happy as could be, running up and down the halls with Jake.  The doctor who saw her said again that she was extremely lucky to have such minor burns and since she is so young everything should heal just fine in due time.  They sent us home with some cream to put on her wounds and told us to keep her out of the sun for the next few days.  By the time we left it was after 10:30 pm and Skylar past out the second we got into the car.  She was so brave and Jake and I were so proud of how she handled it.  We still can't believe how calm and happy she seemed to be the whole time.

So now I'm having extreme mother's guilt, that I'm trying to handle it best way I can.  They told us to be prepared that her wounds would get worst before they get better so it's definitely been harder the past few days because her face is blistering and pretty red, but she hasn't skipped a beat and doesn't seem to even notice which makes me feel better.  As a mother you just want to protect your children from anything and everything, but unfortunately that just doesn't seem to be possible.  Jake and I are just so grateful because it all could of been so much worst and we just keep reminding ourselves of that and that all we need is to see is her smile and we know its all going to be OK in the end.


  1. You are an awesome mom! you just need to remember that, accidents happen all the time and like I said before, this will probably be the first of many, so do not feel bad. Hoping Skylar gets better soon!!!

  2. Nicole and Jake,
    Skylar is a trooper! She is a strong girl. Just look at her parents.
    You are both good parents. Thank you for not being afraid to share this story with others. We all need constant reminders to watch out children as best we can. But accidents will continue to happen. Skylar will never remember this, but the stories she will have to tell.
    Love, Grand-ma Suzie and Grand-pa Paul