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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas - 2011

OK, now I know I'm totally late with blogging about Christmas, but better late than never right.  We were really excited for Christmas this year because I knew that Skylar would be old enough to open presents and get excited over them.  She of course, doesn't understand the holiday yet, but it was still fun seeing the excitement on her face over each toy she would open.  Our home was pretty bah humbug this year since we were moving less than a week after Christmas we didn't decorate or put up a tree, luckily our neighborhood looked great so it put us in the holiday spirit.

We went to my parents house for the holidays so Skylar would have a tree to open her presents under.  Christmas Eve is always a big occasion at my parents.  We have my Dad's whole side of the family over, friends stop by, and then Erin's family comes over for the after hours.  Skylar was in a great mood and full of holiday cheer.

It's tradition for me to pass out all the presents to the kiddos and then the adults do a white elephant gift exchange.  I have to say that Jake gave away the best white elephant gift this year with the Twilight cutt out.

Skylar was not ready for bed time, even though I knew she was exhausted.  She was having too much fun playing with Erin and Melissa.

Christmas morning was all about Skylar and my Mom.  They were definitely the two who made out this year.  Jake and I tried to hold back and not get Skylar too many toys, she just has so many as it is.  We did get her a baby and a stroller to start getting her used to seeing a baby around.  Every time she opened a new toy she would forget about the previous.  She could care less about all the clothes I got her.  I think I ended up opening all of those gifts.  My parents got her a super cute vintage looking tricycle, which she just wanted to ride around all morning.  Santa made a trip to the Apple store for mom this year because she made out with an iPhone and the iPad 2 with all the accessories.

After all the excitement from Christmas morning, Skylar went down for a nap before it was time to head over to Erin's parents house.  Erin's family was so sweet to get Skylar a few gifts.  She made out with an adorable princess house that she always wants everyone to join her in, a princess crown and wand, a HUGE stuffed animal and a toy camera. 

Of course the holiday came and went way to fast, but as a family we had a great time together.  We are looking forward to next year when we will have double the gifts and double the excitement and get to celebrate our first of many Christmas' in our own home.

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