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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brandon and Tiffany's Wedding

We had a great time last weekend at our friends Brandon and Tiffany's beautiful wedding.  Brandon is one of Jake's best friends from college.  They met during Jake's junior year of school.  After graduating Jake moved to Ocean Beach, three houses away from Brandon.  To say the least, they spent a ton of time surfing and partying together that year and half in Ocean Beach.  Sadly, Brandon ended up moving back home to Fresno so we don't get to see him very often, but whenever he does come back into town he always makes the effort to stop by for a visit.  About a year after our wedding Brandon introduced us to his new girlfriend Tiffany and we all welcomed her in with open arms.  She is the sweetest and she and Brandon are a amazing couple.  
A few months before the wedding Brandon and Tiff graciously asked if Jake would officiate their wedding, which of course, Jake said yes too.  This being his second time performing a ceremony he did a fantastic job and I couldn't of been more proud of him.  He said he just wanted to make it as special as he could since it was for one of his best friend.

The Beautiful Bride and her Dad.

The married couple!! Love them!!

Another plus about the wedding was being able to see our friends.  Jenn and Matt came in from Vegas for the wedding.  It was so great being able to spend such a fun evening with them.

Heather, Me, and Jenn.

Matt and I

Jake and Matt


A group #selfie with the Bride and Groom.

Congrats to the happy couple!  Wishing you guys a lifetime of love and happiness!

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  1. What wonderful pictures of a happy wedding. I just love seeing the young people I remember from college days (so long ago) grow into fabulous adults with bright futures. Nicole, you captured a thoughtful moment with Jake and the couple during the ceremony. I love the 2 "selfies" and Jake and Matt in celebration. The bride was beautiful! I wish Brandon and Tiffany much happiness. 'Just love your dress, Nicole! Now, I am putting on you and Jake's wedding video.