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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Spring is here and I couldn't be more excited.  It's not like we had a really rough winter, but its nice knowing that we are just a few months way from summer.  We started our Easter celebration by having Sophie over for some egg dying.  Good thing we did it outside, because Madden spilled the yellow dye twice.  

On Saturday we headed up to Aunt Elsa and Uncle Jon's to celebrate Easter with my family.  I  love that we have a good group of little ones in the family now, makes the holidays so much more special.  We hid around 150 eggs and did a giant egg hunt with all the kids.  Skylar, Madden, Carmen and Jaylee all got a head start before we let the older kids loose.  

Skylar loved every minute of the egg hunt.  Madden was a little slow moving.  He would pick an egg, opened it, eat some candy from it, then go for the next one.  When he found an egg with quarters in it he would open it and throw the coins into the fountain in front of the house.

All the little ones indulging in their candy! 

 It was a really nice time with the family.  Madden and Skylar had fun with their cousins.  Skylar felt like such a big girl having little Carmen follow her around and Madden loved watching all the older kids swim and play.    

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny arrived.  This year the Easter Bunny went for a summer theme baskets with swim suits, swim goggles, pool kick boards, sandals, and hats. Skylar wanted to go to the pool and use her new kick board that morning.

We had brunch reservations that morning with the Rossitto's, Goodrich's, Elizondo's and Johnston's at Tommy V's.  They had the Easter Bunny, face painting, coloring books and bottomless mimosa's.  Brunch was a blast.  It was such a fun group and the kids couldn't of been more entertained.

Easter Besties!

Madden is still terrified of the Easter Bunny so getting a picture with him wasn't going to happen.

Madden and Johnny ran loops around the restaurant.

Spiderman, a Unicorn, and Minnie Mouse.  

After nap Jake and I put together a small egg hunt for just Skylar and Madden in our front yard.  They were having so much fun Skylar made us re-hide the eggs twice.  Easter was a ton of fun this year. We were able to celebrate with friends and family and just seeing how excited the kids are really makes the holiday special.

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  1. What Easter fun! I love the story about Madden and what he did with his eggs. The picture of Skylar in the bushes is especially cute. Of course, I love the family pictures. The holidays are so much more fun with children.
    Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
    Happy, happy everything!