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Monday, April 21, 2014

Flower Fields 2014

The kids and I took our annual Flower Fields trip last week.  I was very happy that we decide to go when we did since last year we kind of missed the boat and ended up going the last day before they were closing for the season and most of the flowers were on their last leg.  This time the flowers were in full bloom and everything looked gorgeous.  

First thing first, the kids wanted to do the wagon ride.

After the ride I took the kids into the fields in attempt to take pictures of them in the flowers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how excited the kids were to take the pictures.  I had the kids jump over the rope (which is a no-no, but anything for the perfect shot right) and they put on their best poses.  

Madden saying "CHEESE!"

They loved racing from color field to color field and jumping over the "do not cross" rope. 

Madden was getting over it by this time.

After our mini photo shoot I got the kids some kettle corn and we walked around the fields.  We ended up in the playground which was very crowded since I think lots of kids were out of school because of Spring Break.  Madden got pushed down by a older boy which really upset Skylar and she wanted to head home.  

We hit the big tractor on the way out and I would consider our trip a huge success.  The kids had fun and I got some really cute pictures of them in the fields.  Until next year.....

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  1. WOW! These are fabulous pictures, Nicole! The colors are just so vibrant, and Skylar and Madden are like little models! What a lovely spot to take the family. I don't know which pictures I like the best. There are some cute ones of Skylar smelling the flowers. And Madden looks adorable smelling that pink flower, and standing in the orange ones. Great job!
    Much love,