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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I love that Skylar is in school and has a Spring Break, it totally gives us a excuse to take a little vacation.  I was having a bit of mom guilt as I wasn't planning on taking any time off during Spring Break.  Last minute I asked Jake to take some time off work and books us all a room out in Palm Springs for a couple days.  It took a little convincing and a small argument, but luckily he agreed.  We booked a room close to downtown Palm Springs at the Marriott.  I took a day off work and the kids and I drove up.  Jake was going to meet up with us at dinner time.  We checked into the hotel and headed right to the pool.  The weather was in the high 90s and felt amazing.  

Kids and I swam til about 5:00, Jake got there and we headed downtown for dinner.  We ate outside enjoying the warm weather.  After dinner we took the kids to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. Skylar found her new favorite flavor....Cotton Candy!  

We headed back to the hotel where the kids played in the lobby and outside by the pool before we took them back to the room for bed.

The next morning we hit the pool first thing in the morning. It was empty and the kids swam and played for  four hours straight.  Jake being the best dad/hubby around played with the kids in the pool and I was able to bask in the sun.

Eating their lunch and starting to wear down.

After all that swimming both kids took a two hour nap.  Once they got up it was dinner time and we headed back to downtown for Mexican food.  After dinner we walked the streets again, went into a couple shops and of course, back to Ben & Jerry's for more cotton candy ice cream for the kids.

(Photo courtesy of Skylar)

One of the restaurants had a live band playing, so we took the kids over there to dance.  It was another fabulous warm night so it was just nice sitting by the fountain listening to the music.  Jake had to leave that night since he was working in the morning so after the jam session we went back to the hotel to say our good-byes to Dad.

The next morning the kids and I headed down to the pool first thing.  I wanted to get a couple hours in before we had to check out.  We swam, played games in the pool, lounged on our raft, and ate lunch.  Before we knew it, it was time to head home as our mini vaca was over.  It was a great getaway for the four of us and I'm looking forward to many more Spring Break trips in the future.

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  1. These pix are so cute. The kids look so happy, and Nicole and Jake look so relaxed. I'm glad Jake got to spend a little time with the family. It is always good to get away when you can. Good for you, Nicole to travel with Skylar and Madden!